What we do

Monitoring platforms

With remarkable advancements in animal tracking technology in recent years, we have come to realize that the streams of real-time data flowing into servers can be utilized for much more than simple mapping or retrospective analyses.

Recognizing this potential, we made the decision to integrate real-time tracking data from various wildlife species, often sourced from like-minded collaborators, with diverse data sources and algorithms.

The objective is to detect crucial behavioural events and threats to these animals, going beyond traditional tracking data interpretation.

To eliminate the need for constant manual monitoring and interpretation of tracking data for threatened species, we developed a computerized system specifically designed for conservation managers.

Contemplate Wild monitoring platforms

Here’s how it operates:

First, we ingest data from different tracking devices or data repositories into our dedicated server as soon as it becomes available. Even during the data ingestion process, before the data reaches the server, we proactively search for significant data flags.

For instance, if a sensor indicates that an animal has died, we promptly relay this information to an appropriate endpoint. Inside the server, we employ species-specific algorithms and checks. Should any of these algorithms or checks surpass a predetermined threshold, an alert is immediately sent to the designated endpoint.

These endpoints can be diverse, ranging from SMS, email, and WhatsApp messages to integration with existing domain awareness systems like EarthRanger or Cmore.